The City of the Old, but feels so New!

So we moved again! (I know, within a span of 6 months!!) God made sure we stayed in Chicago for the winter which was like the trial run before we moved to our new destination πŸ˜›

Before stretching your curiosity any further, let me tell you where we shifted! Drum rolls please….One of the oldest city of US – Boston.

We were a mixed bag of feelings before coming here. We were excited because finally we would have family around. And a little skeptical looking at the high cost of living. Nevertheless we took the plunge and landed at the Logan airport.

We headed out of the airport and my first impression of the old city wasn’t very encouraging. A lot of traffic, very narrow roads and really really old buildings. Sujoy said a very valid point, “US for me means open space and Boston seems exactly the opposite”. Boston seemed nothing like what we thought.

But we were excited to meet Paula di, Sudeep da and Riya. That was kind of the saving grace for us. Until we went out yesterday and saw the glimpses of Boston which gladdened our hearts πŸ™‚


Massachusetts is one of the most liberal states in the US where marijuana is legal πŸ˜‰ We got a taste of its liberal freedom when we witnessed a massive LGBT pride parade in the heart of Boston Downtown. The vibrant and festive euphoria in here was contagious!


Boston Common Park was everything you need to relax and breathe in nature’s wild beauty. It was a nice sunny day to enjoy the waters or just sit in the green grass. The flowers hummed their song and the soft breeze played along with the water making the splashes! Ah! What a wonderful experience!


The Boston Public Library was state of art building with 4 floors and breathtaking interiors. It is a dream place for every bibliophile and art connoisseur. It is the first public library system in the US and one of the oldest ones. I was amazed at the grandeur of this building and plethora of books it possessed! Every wall in here told a story πŸ™‚ After doing the Angel Intuitive Course, the angel paintings stirred something inside me!

The best side of Boston which we fell in love with is it’s art, history and culture. We saw live performances at the library, on the streets, outside the markets. And each of these performances were unique and scintillating. Oh Boston – The Land of Art….you just amazed me with the culture richness inside you!

And we went to the Harbour at the end. I love waters. So looking at the water stretch and the infinite sky above just made my day! Walking beside the waters, looking at the greens and blues was the perfect end to our day.


We have stayed in Florida which is kind of a flat land and Illinois which had the art culture. But here is a place which has the hills, the sea and a taste of art – what else can I ask for?

I think I am falling in love with Boston and can’t wait to explore it’s nooks and corners and dig into the treasures it holds!


Challenge Your Status Quo. Embrace Change!

A few days ago one of my good friends was home. While I was preparing tea, she just looked at the light arrangement in the kitchen. She realized that all the light was falling on the water basin and only some on my kitchen stove. Tall that she is, she swiftly rearranged my kitchen lights to illuminate the right places. My kitchen was better lit now with light all over the place and yet I wasn’t happy with it.

My husband and me were so used to the earlier light arrangement that this new and better light arrangement felt disastrous. The light arrangement seemed to suck and we were complaining and cribbing about it. But in reality, I could cook better in the nights with light focused on the stove.

When we first moved to Chicago from the sunny West Palm Beach, we were sad with the cold weather here. It was chillier. Going to the gym meant wearing 2 jackets, gloves and a scarf plus beanie. We were shivering when outside. But slowly we got used to the cold and the place. We love the high vibe energy here as compared to the laid back atmosphere in Florida. And we are glad we took this plunge.


That is how I go to the gym here!

That is what happens with change! Even when the transformation is better for us, we still cling to the old. We don’t want to get rid of our old habits and try something new and better. The status quo so becomes our identity that we fear to leave it aside. Change is stressful. But if we embrace change in the right way, life will be so much simpler and easy.

Are you stuck at your current situation? Do you want to make a change and yet fear to do so? Trust me, take the leap. Be open to change. Start small with something manageable and attainable.

So what is it in your life that you want to change NOW?

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Feel Blessed with this 2 Minute Gratitude Exercise

I dedicated one entire year for gratitude in my ‘word of the year’ exercise. And ever since then gratitude has become an integral part of my life. In good as well as bad times, it is the thankfulness towards the good in life that has brought me out of the toughest situations.

But a lot of times, we get so carried away in our miseries and sorrow that we forget to look at the good things in life. In all the chaos, we forget to be thankful for what we do have and simply concentrate on our shortcomings.

You have to remember that even in the worst of our times, there will be something to thank about. Maybe that we have food on our table or that our loved ones are with us to help us through the bad times or that we are not at war. One thing to be thankful each day!

I started with a gratitude exercise few months back and thought of sharing the same with you all today. It is very simple, easy and best part is does not need more than 2 minutes. You don’t even need any pen or paper.

So here is the Gratitude Exercise:


Every night when you get to your bed, just close your eyes and remember all the good things or blessings of the day. Visualize each of those blessings and at the end of it say ‘Thank you’ from the bottom of your heart. You may thank God if you believe in one or just a simple ‘Thank You’ acknowledging the good is all what is needed.

There will be days when you will be euphoric and there will be so much thank for! But there will also be days when you will feel life is in the dumps. Nevertheless, there will be something to thank for on that day.

As you regularly do this exercise, you will start appreciating your life. You will start being thankful to so many minute things which we take granted every single day.Β Doing this exercise while sleeping has it’s own wonderful effects. However stressful the day maybe, thinking about the good times of the day before sleeping will calm your mind and body. Your body will get relaxed and a good night’s sleep is ensured. The next day you will wake up with renewed energy πŸ™‚

Try this exercise as you don’t have anything to lose here. It doesn’t even require any investment or props. And please don’t tell me you don’t have the time. Start this exercise and let me know how you feel after continuing the practice for a month at least!

Thank You! πŸ™‚

Laugh it Off – The Ear Pain Catastrophe!

So my ear pain has subsided and it was time to laugh it off on all the super crazy 2 weeks of ear pain drama! After all, what is life without a little laughter [all this gyan only because the pain is gone, otherwise I was a difficult person to live with when the pain still existed. Ask my husband ;)]!

So let’s start with the joyride πŸ˜›

This episode happened at the ENT specialist clinic, whose appointment we got finally after suffering the ear pain for two weeks. My husband and me entered the clinic on Friday afternoon. My husband was handling the paperwork and I stepped in the waiting room. My first sight of the waiting room – Immaculate looking men and women sitting on chairs fully dressed and with nice bright make up and for a minute I thought this was a waiting room for a movie audition or a modeling assignment. In that pain too, I realised the drastic difference between them and me  – I was wearing a rugged jeans, a home tee, no makeup whatsoever, holding my left ear with my hand, hair not combed for 3 days…well wait, actually hair not combed for 5 days and a grumpy face! I thought to myself, “Please God, Please God. Let these men and women think I have come for that poor Indian slumdog millionaire kind of a role if at all this is the audition waiting room!

My feelings that day exactly in the waiting room! 

As I took a corner which would make me feel invisible (but in reality, did not), my eyes wandered over the walls of the waiting room. I was starting to panic now – what I saw on the walls was offers on Botox treatments, how some new technique uplifts your face and makes you look 10 years younger than your age, how to get that perfect nose and how to get that fat sucked out of you!

Usually I am the one who looks after the doctor’s appointments and this time it was the husband who did it. I had started doubting my husband’s capabilities now and waited patiently for him to finish the paperwork and take a seat beside me. Finally what seemed an eternity, he came and sat. The moment he sat, I started “Are you sure you took the right doctor’s appointment. This seems to be a plastic surgery parlour and I have no intention of looking at a list which says what all on my face needs a fix”.

I would have gone on and on (you know wives!), but my name was called and I went in. I was made to sit in a room where there were pictures of the anatomy of the ear and nose. That made me feel a little better. The doctor swooned in and had a look at my ear. “Too much hard wax” he said as a matter of fact. For the next one hour, I was yelling and shouting while he removed what seemed like a mountain of debris from my ear!

After some time the nurse came in and asked the doctor, “Is it just one ear, or do we have another ear to go?”. When she came to know it is just one ear, she breathed a sigh of relief and said “Thank God!” That made me realize that my yelling and shouting has scared a lot of patients outside who are here for their face upliftment and not for pain like me!

The nurse’s expression πŸ˜›

As I came out in the waiting room after all that painful ordeal, I saw frightened people staring at me as if I was some out of this planet species. I could hear murmurs asking “Is that the yelling one?” But how I didn’t care, as my pain had magically subsided after the clean up! I had the expression of winning that poor Indian role in the movie after the audition!!!! πŸ˜€

There have been other amusing incidents too like the ER oversimplifying my pain, my flesh, my bones, my personality into a QR Code!


And the ER doctor asking me if I am ok with taking a painkiller which is a prescribed narcotic drug! I was in so much of pain that I said ” Just give me anything for the pain”. The nurse came later and asked the same question and I was thinking are they giving me medical marijuana. But in reality it was something else which numbed my entire body. When the nurse came with the ‘narcotic drug’ and gave me water, it was 12.40 am and she served me the tablet with water filled with ice! Americans and their love for ice! Who takes medicines with water served with ice and that too at 12.40 am?

For all that pain and suffering, I am much better now. Laughing at all the drama I created inadvertently making memories forever! As they say, ‘No pain, no Gain’……This pain gave me some novel experiences and amusement in a span of 2 weeks! Well, let’s see if the amusement still continues when we receive the ER bill!

But till then, let me laugh it off! As in the end what matters is how well you lived your life πŸ™‚