Weekend Trip to Jazzy and Beachy Newport

It has been a while I haven’t written something touristy. Well every weekend of this summer in Boston, my husband and I have been trying to explore the places around. We went to Harvard, MIT last week and Glendale Falls a week before that. But I haven’t really sat down and written about it. But this weekend trip to Newport deserved a blog, so here I am writing today after a long while!

Newport is in the adjoining state of Rhode Island and it is every tourist’s dream summer place! It was a hour and a half drive for us. We first thought of visiting the Brenton Point National Park which has a sea facing. It was a little chillier for summer that day and we didn’t really go too deep here. But it was beautiful! You reach this park via the ocean drive which is 10 mile ocean spread road and it is drop dead gorgeous! This park offers majestic vistas of the humongous Atlantic Ocean as it meets Narragansett Bay.



Next we set our foot on the Newport Cliff Walk recommended by our cousin here. Imagine walking on a narrow paved road with the sea on one side and huge castle like mansions on the other! A 3.5 mile walk trail with spectacular panoramic views, tunnels, and long winding pathways. There were huge rocks in between and my heart skipped a lot of beats while trailing that part! Maybe another blog on that 😉
Imagine how fun it would be to exercise this way amidst the grandeur of the sea!

We had to peek into one of the mansions in the vicinity! Most of these mansions were built in the 1800s and now are maintained by the Preservation Society of the Newport County. We visited the Elms and OMG! I thought some rich and powerful European king must have been staying here before! This place was a summer residence of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Julius Berwind, who stayed in Philadelphia and New York the rest of the year. Mr. Berwind had all the riches to build this one as he made his fortune in the coal industry. He wanted a French design for his house and actually had designers and furniture from Paris. The mansion was completed in 1901 and costed $1.4 million! Whoops!


I wonder how they maintain such huge property?

110 West 80 St-4R, NY, NY 10024
212 874 3879

The mansion is surrounded by elaborate Classical Revival gardens displaying terraces made from marble/bronze structures and so many diverse fountains. It was like a huge park in itself!

The Elms Newport

Can you imagine the vastness of the gardens through this picture? And Sujoy isn’t even starting at the start of the garden!


After being completely awestruck by the Elms, we headed to Thames Street for some dinner. Thames Street has a harbour and some restaurants have a beach view. I loved this town with it’s bustling joy and carefree tourist vibes. Everyone around was having a really nice time and that freeness grows on you 🙂

We had dinner here and then headed back to our home. While going back home, the sky was colored in elegant pink and blue hues and I said to myself, “This is Life”!



The City of the Old, but feels so New!

So we moved again! (I know, within a span of 6 months!!) God made sure we stayed in Chicago for the winter which was like the trial run before we moved to our new destination 😛

Before stretching your curiosity any further, let me tell you where we shifted! Drum rolls please….One of the oldest city of US – Boston.

We were a mixed bag of feelings before coming here. We were excited because finally we would have family around. And a little skeptical looking at the high cost of living. Nevertheless we took the plunge and landed at the Logan airport.

We headed out of the airport and my first impression of the old city wasn’t very encouraging. A lot of traffic, very narrow roads and really really old buildings. Sujoy said a very valid point, “US for me means open space and Boston seems exactly the opposite”. Boston seemed nothing like what we thought.

But we were excited to meet Paula di, Sudeep da and Riya. That was kind of the saving grace for us. Until we went out yesterday and saw the glimpses of Boston which gladdened our hearts 🙂


Massachusetts is one of the most liberal states in the US where marijuana is legal 😉 We got a taste of its liberal freedom when we witnessed a massive LGBT pride parade in the heart of Boston Downtown. The vibrant and festive euphoria in here was contagious!


Boston Common Park was everything you need to relax and breathe in nature’s wild beauty. It was a nice sunny day to enjoy the waters or just sit in the green grass. The flowers hummed their song and the soft breeze played along with the water making the splashes! Ah! What a wonderful experience!


The Boston Public Library was state of art building with 4 floors and breathtaking interiors. It is a dream place for every bibliophile and art connoisseur. It is the first public library system in the US and one of the oldest ones. I was amazed at the grandeur of this building and plethora of books it possessed! Every wall in here told a story 🙂 After doing the Angel Intuitive Course, the angel paintings stirred something inside me!

The best side of Boston which we fell in love with is it’s art, history and culture. We saw live performances at the library, on the streets, outside the markets. And each of these performances were unique and scintillating. Oh Boston – The Land of Art….you just amazed me with the culture richness inside you!

And we went to the Harbour at the end. I love waters. So looking at the water stretch and the infinite sky above just made my day! Walking beside the waters, looking at the greens and blues was the perfect end to our day.


We have stayed in Florida which is kind of a flat land and Illinois which had the art culture. But here is a place which has the hills, the sea and a taste of art – what else can I ask for?

I think I am falling in love with Boston and can’t wait to explore it’s nooks and corners and dig into the treasures it holds!

The surreal story of the sunset!

We had the opportunity of visiting Naples yesterday and this by far has been the best beach we have visited in Florida till date! We traveled a little west from our current place to experience the sunset on the beach, a phenomenon which we cannot witness on the beaches on the east side of Florida!

I can talk all about the new traveling gang, the food, the endless water play, the gorgeous shell pickings and the amount of fun we had in a one day trip. But for this moment, I just want to relive that awe-inspiring sunset we witnessed yesterday.

When the sun was about to set, we were at the pier which is built in such a way that the sun sets just in the centre of the pier! Soon we realized, we won’t be able to devour the beauty of the sunset from the pier as there were many heads in between blocking our view continuously. So we ran! Ran fast down to the sands, to experience the sunset at a full panoramic canvas from below the pier. It was just a couple of minutes before the sun was going to call it a day and we wanted to make sure that we don’t miss the view.

We reached the beach below just in time and waited for the bright glorious sun to sink in the waters. Those handful moments of the sunset will be etched in my mind FOREVER! The bright sun stealthily falling down from the sky to the waters. The sky painted in hues of so many colors – blue, pink, purple, violet, yellow, white and black. The rays of the sun seen from within the clouds. The sun, the sky and the waters in such synchronized harmony. The last few moments when the sun went down were so quick and unbelievable! I felt the time should stop. The moment to be frozen. The grandeur and the elegance of this surreal story to be paused for us to get drunk on the breathtaking piece of nature’s magic!

dsc_0117Image by Sujoy Datta

All the eyes were glued on just one spot and I wondered if all of them are having a stirring feeling deep down their gut? I pondered if all of them are experiencing the glee in their hearts witnessing this unreal canvas? I mused if all of them had that sparkle in their eyes while watching the sun drown? I questioned if all of them felt gratitude in their souls to be alive to see this wonder? Well I don’t know that, but I felt all of it at one time and you can imagine the magnitude of emotions flowing within me in that instant.

Nature never fails to surprise me. However bad a day I might have, at the end of the day nature always comes to rescue. Every element of nature does what it is supposed to do without expecting anything in return. If we cannot learn that from nature, the least we can do is be grateful for it.

Naples will always be a place close to my heart!

**All images in their original format with no filters.
Featured Image Courtesy – Vishal and Swati Nikam