Different Hugs, Different Stories

We had gone to the flea market last weekend. We meaning myself and Sujoy’s cousin and her family. Sujoy was busy watching a live soccer match at Gillette Stadium that day which I confidently told everyone that it was a El-Clasico match 😛 More details about that sometime later!

Flea Market

The Women in Blue at the Flea Market!

So we reached this flea market and Sudeep da dropped us at the venue and went ahead to park his car. Paula di, Riya and I were wandering through the stalls. It was a while till Sudeep da found a parking in the always busy Boston Downtown. When he returned , Riya who is 9 years old ran towards him and hugged him! It was as if they were meeting after a long time though it was just 15 minutes. Ah! That pure moment of proximity between two individuals who really love one another and expect nothing in return! Such a simple gesture and yet so comforting.

Riya’s spontaneous hug got me thinking – How often do we hug?

It also brought back memories of some treasured hugs in my life.

The Bidai Hug

The last of the ceremonies in an Indian marriage is the bidai (farewell), where the bride’s side give a farewell to the bride. It is a very emotional moment for the bride’s side.  After the bidai, the bride and the groom leave for the groom’s place leaving behind ‘us’.


Can you feel that overwhelming love?

I remembered mine. Almost all of us were teary eyed. During my bidai, I hugged my father so tightly that I didn’t want to let him go. It was two human beings who love each other unconditionally just being in the moment, expressing their love through actions and no words. Two human beings who share the deepest of love, care, and affection. It was such a pure unadulterated moment, only heartfelt endearment. Tears rolling from both our eyes and we didn’t care who was around us. It was just us in the moment! I still shudder from thinking about that time! #Goosebumps

The Soul Sister Hug


Hugging! ❤

Last year during my India trip I finally met my soul sister Shweta. We had been working together virtually for almost 2 years and this was the first time I met her. We had been to Mumbai for some official work and were staying together. It was kind of my girl night out endeavour which I have done very rarely in my teens. And one of those evenings, we just let out all that was bothering us. We spoke for hours and hours pouring out the darkest of our secrets and the side of your life you don’t share on FB. And at the end of it all, we hugged. Hugged to reassure that we are there for each other. Hugged to communicate how much we love each other. Hugged to feel that soul sister connect!

My soul sister needs a hug right now and here is one I am sending out to her!

The Tree Hug

Tree Hug


I have hugged a tree too! It is so damn therapeutic. No judgement, no false pretenses just sacred bond. Hugging a tree connects you to mother earth too with the tree roots. Try doing it and see how you open up from within. I love hugging trees, usually the ones with giant trunks. Boston is full of huge tree trails and I never miss a chance to hug those trees on the way.

I am a hugger. Always have been. I believe a tight hug can make you forget all the shit in your life at least for 30 seconds. And with my energy work now, I can pick up on people’s energies and sense who might need a hug. I don’t always hug that person but send some healing energy their way!

A small hug made me visit all these stories yet again.

What is your hug story? How often do you hug? Do let me know in comments below 🙂

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The City of the Old, but feels so New!

So we moved again! (I know, within a span of 6 months!!) God made sure we stayed in Chicago for the winter which was like the trial run before we moved to our new destination 😛

Before stretching your curiosity any further, let me tell you where we shifted! Drum rolls please….One of the oldest city of US – Boston.

We were a mixed bag of feelings before coming here. We were excited because finally we would have family around. And a little skeptical looking at the high cost of living. Nevertheless we took the plunge and landed at the Logan airport.

We headed out of the airport and my first impression of the old city wasn’t very encouraging. A lot of traffic, very narrow roads and really really old buildings. Sujoy said a very valid point, “US for me means open space and Boston seems exactly the opposite”. Boston seemed nothing like what we thought.

But we were excited to meet Paula di, Sudeep da and Riya. That was kind of the saving grace for us. Until we went out yesterday and saw the glimpses of Boston which gladdened our hearts 🙂


Massachusetts is one of the most liberal states in the US where marijuana is legal 😉 We got a taste of its liberal freedom when we witnessed a massive LGBT pride parade in the heart of Boston Downtown. The vibrant and festive euphoria in here was contagious!


Boston Common Park was everything you need to relax and breathe in nature’s wild beauty. It was a nice sunny day to enjoy the waters or just sit in the green grass. The flowers hummed their song and the soft breeze played along with the water making the splashes! Ah! What a wonderful experience!


The Boston Public Library was state of art building with 4 floors and breathtaking interiors. It is a dream place for every bibliophile and art connoisseur. It is the first public library system in the US and one of the oldest ones. I was amazed at the grandeur of this building and plethora of books it possessed! Every wall in here told a story 🙂 After doing the Angel Intuitive Course, the angel paintings stirred something inside me!

The best side of Boston which we fell in love with is it’s art, history and culture. We saw live performances at the library, on the streets, outside the markets. And each of these performances were unique and scintillating. Oh Boston – The Land of Art….you just amazed me with the culture richness inside you!

And we went to the Harbour at the end. I love waters. So looking at the water stretch and the infinite sky above just made my day! Walking beside the waters, looking at the greens and blues was the perfect end to our day.


We have stayed in Florida which is kind of a flat land and Illinois which had the art culture. But here is a place which has the hills, the sea and a taste of art – what else can I ask for?

I think I am falling in love with Boston and can’t wait to explore it’s nooks and corners and dig into the treasures it holds!

Let’s Fight Depression TOGETHER

The other day I saw a post in one of the FB closed women groups where a woman said –


I realised then that depression has become an everyday word and people are coming out and asking for help. Times are changing and the way we look and treat depression has also changed, but there are still many unspoken voices out there who are suffering inside!

If you ask me – My social media feed will misguide you mostly that I am having a time of my life! That I have all of it figured out with the best people around me. Which is true to some extent but not always. In a month of 30 days, I wake up feeling a rockstar for 28 days. I feel I am all pumped and ready to take on the day! I am all set to try something new and accept new challenges. I am dying to wake up and start my day. I try to infuse that positivity and enthusiasm in the people around me! Well this is my story for the 28 days!!

But the 2 days in a month, my eyes don’t open with no happiness in me that I am alive. I wake up perspiring and face all crooked. I wake up to nightmares of haunted resignations. I basically do not feel like waking up at all. I wonder what am I doing with my life? I ponder on why I left my beloved job and came to a country where I am not allowed to work? I think about my peers who have grown so much in their career ladder. I sink back in my cover of depression thinking I am wasting my life sitting at home doing nothing.

Now you might think, this is not such a big deal to feel depressed. But for a person who loved her job and have always wanted to excel in her career, it is a BIG thing! Now you might also say, “If it is troubling you so much, go back then”. But you will not understand my plight because you are not in my shoes. Coming to US was a conscious decision but I have my bad days when I question this decision every single minute of my day.

But I have learnt to deal with my depression. Initially it started with a span of 3 months and now I don’t let myself brood over 2 days. I feel the pain, I feel depressed, I feel confused, I feel dark BUT only for 2 days. The third day I make sure, I wake up, get out of the bed and do what needs to be done. It took me a lot of time to get that self start and the motivation to get out of my depression by myself.

Depression isn’t easy. People don’t understand what you are going through. I myself didn’t understand what depressed people went through until I experienced it. I always thought, life is so precious why to waste it being depressed. But I now know, you become hapless and helpless when you are in the evil pangs of depression. Doing even the normal everyday things seems like a big tedious task. Talking to near and dear ones doesn’t help always as they don’t understand what is going inside you. You go into your secure cocoon deeper and deeper.

If you are a woman suffering from depression and are reading this – I am here today stretching my hand forward to you. Get in touch with me. Message me on FB, send me an email and be assured that I will get back and listen to you. Talking to a stranger is easier because you know you won’t be judged. I have gone through it and I know how it feels. Just let me know you need help and I will come to you. I will listen to you whole heartedly and help you get out of depression.

I am not a doctor or a psychiatrist, but I am someone who wants to help. At least I can be your first step towards fighting depression. Just remember, you can do it and reach out to someone who can help. The entire world can help you, but you have to take the first step and be responsible for your own shit.

Life may be difficult right now but it can be better. Let’s fight depression TOGETHER and create a better life TOGETHER!

The two of us!

We recently took a trip to Tarpon Springs and it was such a rejuvenating break. After a long while we went on a trip – just the two of us and the whole experience made me revisit our relationship dynamics.

I know Sujoy since past 11+ years now, 4 years out of which are in the role of the husband! After such a long duration, relationships do tend to get monotonous or they lose their spark to some extent. Of course, our relationship is no different. We aren’t the perfect couple or it is not that we never fight. But I feel, we still have that spark intact. This trip was a reassurance of this feeling!

We still enjoy each other’s company and loved every bit of our two days trip! We had frivolous conversations during the drive time like how the world would be if teleportation finally becomes a reality and the rest of the time joking about my driving skills! 5 hours each way and we were comfortable in each other’s talks as well as the silences!

I tried to ponder on the reasons of our still alive relationship and thought of penning down a few of them here.

First and foremost, I think it is our ability to have independent lives outside our marriage!
Both of us have independent lives other than just being married to each other. Sujoy has his football and I have my writing and Toastmasters. These are kind of exclusive worlds where we enjoy without our partners. We have some exclusive friends too and do not always mingle with common friends. I think this helps to break the monotony in everyday life!

This also makes our dinners interesting as we have so many exclusive stories to share with each other at the end of the day!

99% of the times, he agrees to what I say. The rest 1 % we agree to disagree  😛
On a serious note, we are not hell bent always that both of us should come to a mutual agreement. There are days when we do not approve of each other’s views and on those days we agree to disagree. Just to quote an example, our spirituality ideas are completely different and yet we respect each other’s view and agree to disagree. He does not approve of the fasts or forgoing non veg on certain days and yet he lets me do my spirituality my way.

Family matters!
You may live with your family or you may stay away, but the extended family matters. A lot! The relationship with in laws has a huge impact on one’s married life and I cannot thank God enough for giving me such loving, caring and more importantly such open minded in laws! The importance of peace and harmony in relationships is pivotal for a successful married life.

Respect each other, come what may!
We respect each other – in individual beliefs, the decisions we take, the choices we have made and the thought we bring to the table. It is a marriage of equals!

Apart from the above, people who know us can tell you more about the leg pulling we do, the jokes on my obsessive compulsive disorder, the gyan sessions and of course our laughter 🙂

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