Know Who You Are!

I love animated movies! I have been to theatres alone to watch them, I so love them 🙂
Recently I watched Moana and was floored by the central theme of the movie. The story wasn’t extraordinary but what captured my attention was the message the movie gave – ‘Know Who You Are’!

Without any major spoilers, let me give you a gist of the movie. Moana loves the waters but her father keeps on telling her that they are safe on the island and that the island provides everything they need. Nevertheless she is so drawn to the water that she keeps on dreaming about sailing away.

She beautifully describes her dilemma like this –


Moana tries her level best to be her dad’s best version of a daughter and yet the calling is persistent. Her grandma comes to her rescue and says –

Moana Tala

Deep in her heart Moana knows that she is not meant to be bound at the islands and keeps on asking the question to herself, “Who I really am?” 

And she does find the answer 🙂

The movie made me think! How many of us are going on with our lives being the best parents, kids, friends ignoring our true calling? How many of us are trapped in a 9-5 job which we hate because we are told the job is our island which provides everything to us and that the waters beyond are risky? How many of us have our true life purpose shelved off because of the societal conditioning? How many of us still believe that the island is what our life is meant to be?

Isn’t it time to listen to your heart? Isn’t it time to answer that inner calling? Isn’t it time to live your life fully?

I am not advocating to quit your job and start with a blank slate. I understand we have responsibilities. How about starting small? We can start giving time to our true calling during the weekends or after work. Maybe just 20 minutes a week initially. See where it goes, take a call and then go full fledged. Does this sound impossible?

The movie ends with these lines and that was when I was crying like a baby (I cry like a baby in every movie :P). These lines dig so deep in your soul –

te fiti

You know who you are!

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