The Purpose of Our Life!

I remember the episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, where Ally first asks about how babies are made and then she asks innocently, “Why are we born? Why has God put us here?” Raymond is taken aback and then the entire family tries to find the answer. They contact the church, search the Bible and call their Pastor. And no one has an answer to the question.

It has been a constant question for me too. I bet many of you must have also mused on this question. And I think I have figured out the answer, thank you to my spiritual guides.

We are here TO BE HAPPY! Simply to be happy. The purpose of our lives is to be happy! To make the most of what we have and at the end of the day BE HAPPY! It is so darn simple!

But today, we have lost the true meaning of happiness and we are running behind mirages. Illusions which we think will make us happy. Or the conditioned upbringing and the society norms which dictate our definition of happiness. What we need is to sit down and think. Think about what really makes us happy. Is it really the expensive smart phone? Is getting married and having kids the paramount of happiness? Is having a house bigger than your acquaintances the real definition of happiness? Is getting likes on your FB post making you happy?

The above parameters might be making you happy but you need to analyze whether it is true happiness or society infected happiness within us? If it really makes you happy, please go ahead with it. If not, isn’t it time that we addressed the purpose of our lives? Being happy in the true sense?

Does reading the book make you happy? Does sitting on green grass and just gazing at the sky make you mellow? Singing brings a smile on your face? Playing football makes you joyful? Spending time with your friends cheers you up? Going on walks comforts your heart? Meditation brings solace to your soul? Dancing makes you ecstatic? The sight of your dog wagging it’s tail on seeing you brightens you up? Being in your mom’s caress elates you?

What is that one thing that makes you jubilant?

When you sleep tonight, try to remember the happy moments of the day. If you have none, then you know you are doing something terribly wrong.

What makes you happy? Just do that. Keep life simple. Be happy always 🙂


  1. That’s a nice piece!
    Seriously why are we here! I feel happy when I paint, meditate, cook, play with my daughter, pillow fight with hubby & daughter…. So many things to share.
    Happiness is within us & we think it can be gained from some external thing or person. If we decide to be happy , we can be happy in any situation 🙂


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