2016 -The Year of Awakening

Recap of each year tradition started from the year 2014 and made it to 2015 too! I still want to continue the tradition and hence the post for how the year 2016 shaped up for me. The first recap was far too lengthy and second one too ended up being a tad bit longer. However, this year I have decided to keep it as short as possible!

So here we go –

The Most Awaited India Trip and Travel Chart
So after getting our visa extension, the first thing we did was book our tickets for our India trip. It was after 2 years that I was going home and Sujoy after 3 years. I was excited to meet my family. I was also looking forward to meeting my boss cum dearest friend Shweta in person FINALLY, with whom I had become really close during my 2 years working at Stylewhack. It was a memorable trip professionally as well as personally. I ate like crazy, met new friends and old and spent quality time with family.


The most treasured meet of our India trip would be meeting Thamma, Sujoy’s grandma who passed away just a few months later our India trip. We were really really grateful to the Almighty that we could meet her one last time. She is sorely missed!


Thamma and Us during our recent trip to India

We also had some short but rejuvenating trips to Naples, Sarasota and Tarpon Springs this year!


The Writing Galore
2016 was a year of getting better at writing. The India trip helped immensely where I attended some celebrity events and shared some moments of limelight with my writings getting published in reputed platforms. My New York travel story got published in Sakaal Times, one of the popular newspapers in Maharashtra. Thanks to Amrita and Shweta for this. My blog story ‘The Tamasha of my Life‘ got picked up by Times of India and this was a real feat for me 🙂

I completed 100 posts on Stylewhack and still continue to share my voice on this platform. Thanks to Stylewhack I met quite a few regional celebrities and had some wow moments during my stay in Pune. I attended the premiere of Marathi movie Anuraag, of which Stylewhack was a media partner. Got to watch the play Don’t Worry Be Happy and meet the cast and crew. My review of the play was shared widely by the team. I wrote a post on Shveta Salve’s Unconventional Pregnancy  and she shared my post! Yayy, yayy!


From the Sunshine State to the Windy City
What has been the biggest transformation for us this year is move from West Palm Beach to Chicago and that too just at the beginning of winter. We are still getting used to the cold, but we love the high vibes of the city. The winds are chilling, the roads are uneven, the people are busy, friends are away, days are shorter, the new kitchen is small, the water fountain is gone and yet I think I am ready to embrace this city as my new home!🙂


The Real Awakening
What has marked 2016 in the real sense is my journey on the self realization path and a conscious effort to make life better in all aspects – physical health, mental peace and most importantly healing the soul. My motto for this year has been #Healinginsideout and the journey so far has been bumpy.

August month was crucial with back to back physical ailments, dreams crashing and friends alienating. It was a time when I was struggling with my spiritual beliefs too. But then I took the reigns of my life in my hand and made sure that I took responsibility of my life. No more blaming, no more destiny cries – just pure action.

The first thing that I started was gaining my physical health by strength training at the gym. Thanks to Sujoy and my friend Alka who helped me every bit in doing what it takes. Since then I have been a regular at the gym, even in the cold windy icy winter mornings of Chicago.


Then came pacifying the emotional turmoil inside. This took ages and I am still working on it. I break down many times but get up again. The best part is He made sure to get me in touch with some outstanding guides and mentors who helped me rebuild my faith. All of this helped me to mend the broken pieces of my life into a lovely canvas.

Recently I have taken up chakra meditation. And I would love to help anyone who needs a little nudge! If you want to learn the technique of manifestation or chakra meditation, just buzz me and I will be more than happy to help 🙂


I am doing a course on the book ‘The Art of Extreme Self Care‘ conducted by Ro Ferrelli in 2017. Can’t wait to continue on this path of enlightenment.

2016 was all about the ups and downs of life. But what I have realized this year is that you have to go through the pitch black darkness to see the first ray of the sun. When life is hunky dory and everything is fine, many a times you take it for granted. That moment of pitch darkness defines you. That moment of pitch darkness creates a new you. That moment of pitch darkness changes your entire perspective towards life.

It is you who has to decide whether to rejoice over the first ray of sunshine or shut off everything and stay in darkness forever.

So how was your 2016?

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  1. 2016 was awesome 😍😍. Will have to say “was” as it’s almost over!
    Towards the beginning , even we visited India after 2yrs. In April, we moved to Nashville ( the so called music city!). Didn’t get to attend a single concert 😉
    Nashville gave me an opportunity to complete one 5k & one 10k marathon. Yeyyyy , I’ll never forget Nashville!
    & Now towards the end we are moving to Chicago!
    What a year😇😇
    January – Portsmouth NH
    Feb March – India
    April- Dec – Nashville TN
    Dec end- Chicago
    God bless all😄😄😄


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