A New Girl in the City

3 years in the towns of the glorious sunshine state Florida and I land up in a city for the very first time. The setting is different, the people are disparate and the weather is another story. For the first time, I am in a city and that too CHICAGO!!!!

Yes, I know…I know. You understand my plight of the weather combat. You maybe have already started praying for me. Some of you might just be smirking on the upside down of my so called fate 😛

But here I am to make this city my new home!

We reached Chicago the night the Chicago Cubs won the world series! Surely, we were lucky for them as they took almost a century (108 years to be precise) to win back the world series. Since then, my husband has an inside joke and a conversation starter saying, “We would have come earlier, had we known Chicago Cubs needed us to be here to win!” I think we started our journey in the new city at a good note 🙂

We were put up at TownePlace Suites Naperville  and that was our home for the first 2 weeks in Chicago. The staff around made us feel at home with the best of hospitality. The room was cozy and spacious. The kitchen was just apt and the ever smiling room cleaning staff  made my day while we stayed there! The small room almost had everything one can ask for! I wonder how do they make that happen – bringing an entire home in one room! I even made my first friend in Chicago here at the TownePlace Suites Naperville 🙂 I totally recommend it if you are visiting this side of the US!

The next day we started house hunting and this entire one side wall at Route IL-59 with these growing climbers in an array of fall colors, just brightened my day! It brought back all my memories of a wonderful trip we took last year to Smoky Mountains. Nature always surprises me! 🙂


The city people seem to be busy with rare greetings and rare smiles! But hey, I think this is the story in every city. We had been to New York and experienced the same hustle and bustle, where the city never slept and people were in their own world. The Chicago skyline reminded me of New York too, the lights and grandeur making a spectacular view!

What brings a smile on our face are the innumerable Indian eateries all around us! Too many to even mention it here. Last weekend I had the fluffiest and softest idli EVER! On Monday, we went to this Biryani place and can you believe it had 18 varieties of biryani! Phew! We are kind of spoilt for choice here when it comes to Indian food 😉

We shifted to our new home last weekend and the fountain from Florida is replaced by red bricks and a christmas tree! The fall colors are at its maximum glory and the sunshine in the day just adds the little tinge of happiness for me! My balcony has this view now –


It’s cold for us here and I think I am going to pick up my crochet soon! Time to finish that unfinished shrug and crochet some more beanies and scarves and gloves! 😛

The winds are chilling, the roads are uneven, the people are busy, friends are away, days are shorter, the new kitchen is small, the water fountain is gone and yet I think I am ready to embrace this city as my new home! 🙂

Isn’t it the people whom you love make a house a home?

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