Why Hatred still prevails in our Society?

I recently did a gig for Stylewhack  in which I asked random people on streets “What does ‘love’ mean to you?”. In the entire exercise I realised, just the word ‘love’ stirs so many emotions in an individual. It was not just the typical love between a man and a woman, but also between a parent and a child, a pet father and his pet and sometimes even just friends!

The people whom I met had some wonderful stories to tell. There was this one couple, who spoke so dearly about each other and were holding hands ALL THE TIME! There was this young man who wanted to get back home soon as it was the feeding time for his dog. An elderly woman started talking rapidly in Spanish and it was amazing to see her granddaughter translate all of that to me in English. A woman spoke affectionately about her girlfriend and how they were excited about starting the adoption process. A man reminisced about his first love in high school and how life would have been different if he had pursued her.

So many stories, so many REAL lives and such abundance of love everywhere. This made me wonder why hatred still prevails in our society? Who taught us to hate when loving someone was so beautiful? Who made us hit someone when hugging was such an endearing act? Who created the rifts when bridging the gaps was so heart kindling?

With all of this going in my mind, my thoughts wandered to a recent event. One of my best buddy’s mom came to the US with me. She was here for a little more than 3 months. The night before she was supposed to leave for India along with my friend, I went to meet them. I was composed when I hugged my friend but when it came to hugging her mother….she started crying. I couldn’t control my tears and started first sobbing and then crying vehemently. My friend joined us and all three of us were entangled in a big hug in the kitchen sobbing our hearts out!


That’s strangers after 3 months!

The warmth of that hug and the feeling of being loved in that kitchen that day will always be a fond memory for me. I wondered then, how easily we get affectionate and pour our hearts out into relationships. Two people who were strangers 3 months ago are crying in each other’s embrace. No blood relationship and yet it feels like one as strong as a blood relation.

Doesn’t it make you wonder when love and affection is built in our everyday lives with such strength, why does hate still rule the world? Why do we still have wars? How can people hate someone whom they don’t even know based on just their religion/color/caste?

Why hatred still prevails in our society?

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