Let’s Fight Depression TOGETHER

The other day I saw a post in one of the FB closed women groups where a woman said –


I realised then that depression has become an everyday word and people are coming out and asking for help. Times are changing and the way we look and treat depression has also changed, but there are still many unspoken voices out there who are suffering inside!

If you ask me – My social media feed will misguide you mostly that I am having a time of my life! That I have all of it figured out with the best people around me. Which is true to some extent but not always. In a month of 30 days, I wake up feeling a rockstar for 28 days. I feel I am all pumped and ready to take on the day! I am all set to try something new and accept new challenges. I am dying to wake up and start my day. I try to infuse that positivity and enthusiasm in the people around me! Well this is my story for the 28 days!!

But the 2 days in a month, my eyes don’t open with no happiness in me that I am alive. I wake up perspiring and face all crooked. I wake up to nightmares of haunted resignations. I basically do not feel like waking up at all. I wonder what am I doing with my life? I ponder on why I left my beloved job and came to a country where I am not allowed to work? I think about my peers who have grown so much in their career ladder. I sink back in my cover of depression thinking I am wasting my life sitting at home doing nothing.

Now you might think, this is not such a big deal to feel depressed. But for a person who loved her job and have always wanted to excel in her career, it is a BIG thing! Now you might also say, “If it is troubling you so much, go back then”. But you will not understand my plight because you are not in my shoes. Coming to US was a conscious decision but I have my bad days when I question this decision every single minute of my day.

But I have learnt to deal with my depression. Initially it started with a span of 3 months and now I don’t let myself brood over 2 days. I feel the pain, I feel depressed, I feel confused, I feel dark BUT only for 2 days. The third day I make sure, I wake up, get out of the bed and do what needs to be done. It took me a lot of time to get that self start and the motivation to get out of my depression by myself.

Depression isn’t easy. People don’t understand what you are going through. I myself didn’t understand what depressed people went through until I experienced it. I always thought, life is so precious why to waste it being depressed. But I now know, you become hapless and helpless when you are in the evil pangs of depression. Doing even the normal everyday things seems like a big tedious task. Talking to near and dear ones doesn’t help always as they don’t understand what is going inside you. You go into your secure cocoon deeper and deeper.

If you are a woman suffering from depression and are reading this – I am here today stretching my hand forward to you. Get in touch with me. Message me on FB, send me an email and be assured that I will get back and listen to you. Talking to a stranger is easier because you know you won’t be judged. I have gone through it and I know how it feels. Just let me know you need help and I will come to you. I will listen to you whole heartedly and help you get out of depression.

I am not a doctor or a psychiatrist, but I am someone who wants to help. At least I can be your first step towards fighting depression. Just remember, you can do it and reach out to someone who can help. The entire world can help you, but you have to take the first step and be responsible for your own shit.

Life may be difficult right now but it can be better. Let’s fight depression TOGETHER and create a better life TOGETHER!


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