Laugh it Off – The Ear Pain Catastrophe!

So my ear pain has subsided and it was time to laugh it off on all the super crazy 2 weeks of ear pain drama! After all, what is life without a little laughter [all this gyan only because the pain is gone, otherwise I was a difficult person to live with when the pain still existed. Ask my husband ;)]!

So let’s start with the joyride 😛

This episode happened at the ENT specialist clinic, whose appointment we got finally after suffering the ear pain for two weeks. My husband and me entered the clinic on Friday afternoon. My husband was handling the paperwork and I stepped in the waiting room. My first sight of the waiting room – Immaculate looking men and women sitting on chairs fully dressed and with nice bright make up and for a minute I thought this was a waiting room for a movie audition or a modeling assignment. In that pain too, I realised the drastic difference between them and me  – I was wearing a rugged jeans, a home tee, no makeup whatsoever, holding my left ear with my hand, hair not combed for 3 days…well wait, actually hair not combed for 5 days and a grumpy face! I thought to myself, “Please God, Please God. Let these men and women think I have come for that poor Indian slumdog millionaire kind of a role if at all this is the audition waiting room!

My feelings that day exactly in the waiting room! 

As I took a corner which would make me feel invisible (but in reality, did not), my eyes wandered over the walls of the waiting room. I was starting to panic now – what I saw on the walls was offers on Botox treatments, how some new technique uplifts your face and makes you look 10 years younger than your age, how to get that perfect nose and how to get that fat sucked out of you!

Usually I am the one who looks after the doctor’s appointments and this time it was the husband who did it. I had started doubting my husband’s capabilities now and waited patiently for him to finish the paperwork and take a seat beside me. Finally what seemed an eternity, he came and sat. The moment he sat, I started “Are you sure you took the right doctor’s appointment. This seems to be a plastic surgery parlour and I have no intention of looking at a list which says what all on my face needs a fix”.

I would have gone on and on (you know wives!), but my name was called and I went in. I was made to sit in a room where there were pictures of the anatomy of the ear and nose. That made me feel a little better. The doctor swooned in and had a look at my ear. “Too much hard wax” he said as a matter of fact. For the next one hour, I was yelling and shouting while he removed what seemed like a mountain of debris from my ear!

After some time the nurse came in and asked the doctor, “Is it just one ear, or do we have another ear to go?”. When she came to know it is just one ear, she breathed a sigh of relief and said “Thank God!” That made me realize that my yelling and shouting has scared a lot of patients outside who are here for their face upliftment and not for pain like me!

The nurse’s expression 😛

As I came out in the waiting room after all that painful ordeal, I saw frightened people staring at me as if I was some out of this planet species. I could hear murmurs asking “Is that the yelling one?” But how I didn’t care, as my pain had magically subsided after the clean up! I had the expression of winning that poor Indian role in the movie after the audition!!!! 😀

There have been other amusing incidents too like the ER oversimplifying my pain, my flesh, my bones, my personality into a QR Code!


And the ER doctor asking me if I am ok with taking a painkiller which is a prescribed narcotic drug! I was in so much of pain that I said ” Just give me anything for the pain”. The nurse came later and asked the same question and I was thinking are they giving me medical marijuana. But in reality it was something else which numbed my entire body. When the nurse came with the ‘narcotic drug’ and gave me water, it was 12.40 am and she served me the tablet with water filled with ice! Americans and their love for ice! Who takes medicines with water served with ice and that too at 12.40 am?

For all that pain and suffering, I am much better now. Laughing at all the drama I created inadvertently making memories forever! As they say, ‘No pain, no Gain’……This pain gave me some novel experiences and amusement in a span of 2 weeks! Well, let’s see if the amusement still continues when we receive the ER bill!

But till then, let me laugh it off! As in the end what matters is how well you lived your life 🙂

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