Why everything in life cannot have a price tag!

I am a competitive woman and it has been always very difficult for me to assimilate failure or take criticism in the good spirit. It is all because in my head I am a ‘perfect miss sunshine’ and I carry this air of being a perfectionist around me. But you know what? I realised soon enough that this air is all gas and whatever I do in my life I cannot be ‘perfect’ or fulfill people’s expectations. It is still difficult for me to digest this fact but I am learning…slowly and steadily. Moreover, it really hurts me when people guage my talent or my efforts in terms of money and the perfectionist in me just wants to hang herself.

I enjoy being a Toastmaster and I put in a lot of efforts in my each and every speech that I deliver. I have given varied speeches and it gives me a different high when I go up the podium to speak! But the last time I won a best speaker award was a year ago and it was a Humorous Speech Contest win. As I said, I am highly competitive and it breaks my heart every time when I don’t win. But does that mean my efforts and perseverance I put in my speeches have gone waste? I realized then that there is nothing like being perfect and the closest you can go to perfect is being better than what you were yesterday. People ask me if I get paid for the speeches and I feel like telling them ‘Everything in life doesn’t have a price tag’!

I write blogs and do some writing ventures outside my blog. So, ya I am not Shobha De or John Green but I like what I write and it gives me immense happiness. People ask me about how much it helps me in paying my bills and I feel like throwing something hard on their faces! (I actually visualise this a lot and it gives me unexplainable pleasure :P) Just because my writing doesn’t pay my bills, does it make me a lesser person or my efforts a waste? Does it mean if I am not paid for my writing, my writing has no significance at all?

You are a great cook and cook lovely meals for your family. Your family devours your food and you love feeding them. Just because you don’t have a restaurant of your own or don’t own a fancy chain of a bakery, does it make the love and affection with which you cook for your family less worthwhile? One of my friends named Pooja loves to cook and she cooks some brilliant food and is content with feeding her family and friends. The efforts that she puts in each of her meals are significant and I don’t think a price tag can do any justice to the amount of passion and love she puts in her kitchen while cooking!

You might be a traveler yourself and love to give travel tips to your friends and family. Just because they don’t pay you for your advice, does that make your advice valueless? No, right? I have a friend named Shweta and she will go out and listen to your problems and go a further step ahead and try to fix things for you. Now I don’t pay her for her therapy sessions and does that make our relationship a little less precious?

Initially I used to justify my writing and my hobbies and try to convince people that I am fine not being paid for what I love. Later I stopped being sorry about myself and started giving it back to folks in the language they understand!

But I learnt my lesson – Stop judging yourself on the base of a price tag! Be proud of who you are and what you do as long as it makes you happy! Stop justifying to others and be who you want to be! Remember not everything in life comes with a price tag and those things without a price tag are the most valuable in life!

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