The two of us!

We recently took a trip to Tarpon Springs and it was such a rejuvenating break. After a long while we went on a trip – just the two of us and the whole experience made me revisit our relationship dynamics.

I know Sujoy since past 11+ years now, 4 years out of which are in the role of the husband! After such a long duration, relationships do tend to get monotonous or they lose their spark to some extent. Of course, our relationship is no different. We aren’t the perfect couple or it is not that we never fight. But I feel, we still have that spark intact. This trip was a reassurance of this feeling!

We still enjoy each other’s company and loved every bit of our two days trip! We had frivolous conversations during the drive time like how the world would be if teleportation finally becomes a reality and the rest of the time joking about my driving skills! 5 hours each way and we were comfortable in each other’s talks as well as the silences!

I tried to ponder on the reasons of our still alive relationship and thought of penning down a few of them here.

First and foremost, I think it is our ability to have independent lives outside our marriage!
Both of us have independent lives other than just being married to each other. Sujoy has his football and I have my writing and Toastmasters. These are kind of exclusive worlds where we enjoy without our partners. We have some exclusive friends too and do not always mingle with common friends. I think this helps to break the monotony in everyday life!

This also makes our dinners interesting as we have so many exclusive stories to share with each other at the end of the day!

99% of the times, he agrees to what I say. The rest 1 % we agree to disagree  😛
On a serious note, we are not hell bent always that both of us should come to a mutual agreement. There are days when we do not approve of each other’s views and on those days we agree to disagree. Just to quote an example, our spirituality ideas are completely different and yet we respect each other’s view and agree to disagree. He does not approve of the fasts or forgoing non veg on certain days and yet he lets me do my spirituality my way.

Family matters!
You may live with your family or you may stay away, but the extended family matters. A lot! The relationship with in laws has a huge impact on one’s married life and I cannot thank God enough for giving me such loving, caring and more importantly such open minded in laws! The importance of peace and harmony in relationships is pivotal for a successful married life.

Respect each other, come what may!
We respect each other – in individual beliefs, the decisions we take, the choices we have made and the thought we bring to the table. It is a marriage of equals!

Apart from the above, people who know us can tell you more about the leg pulling we do, the jokes on my obsessive compulsive disorder, the gyan sessions and of course our laughter 🙂

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