#ForgivingFridays – The false entitlement FB gives you!

Just a few days back, I stumbled upon one of my FB friends and realised she had unfriended me. I thought that was the end of the conversation, but not really…..the real mind conversation actually started from that point.

Not being able to imagine the reason for her to do so, my crooked and angry mind went and saw the FB profiles of two of her besties and guess what? They had unfriended me too. I tried to recall if I had hurt them in any manner, but could not find anything in their defense. Mind boggled, angry, feeling victimized first I thought of blocking them for ever and sending them an email informing them about it. I started drafting an email to the first one. Words were sprawling out like the gushing waters of the Niagara falls…..I was almost going to hit the send button, when I realized that my word for this year is Forgiveness and what am I doing by sending such angry outburst?

It was time to reflect back, sit and analyze and as usual try to forgive the other party. So I sat and I pondered. When was the last time I spoke with these 3 women? And the answer shocked me. I couldn’t even recall talking with these women on one on one basis for almost 6 years now. I did speak with one of the girls more recently, but that was also almost  2 years ago!

My nerves started calming down a bit. I started giving the benefit of doubt to these 3 women, that maybe just maybe this was the reason for their ‘unfriending’. It also dawned on me that FB gives you a wrong sense of entitlement in terms of friendship. Are these 3 women really my friends? No, they are mere acquaintances. But the action of they removing me from their ‘friend list’ offended my inflated ego. Seriously, in normal circumstances I should have been least bothered about them! But no, the inflated ego (thanks to FB) was not happy at this at all!

There is a possibility that I might have hurt them sometime and if that is the case, I seek their forgiveness!

The path of forgiveness is difficult. If I had not chosen it, I would have hit the send button for sure. There is nothing to forgive in this case, but that attitude helped me to come to my senses.

As a fun activity, maybe you should go and check who unfriended you and comment below on how you felt about it? It will make all of us realize, the false entitlement FB has seeped into us!

Happy scavenging the un-friends 😉

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