Lessons my son is teaching me during this ‘lockdown’!

Let’s face it! This isn’t the most pleasant phase in our lives. We would rather be spending our summer in swimming pools and getting together with friends. But alas! That’s not happening. The reality is we are confined inside the four walls of our home, how muchever we hate it. But that is the call of the day and we are abiding it nevertheless.

But friends, we have a choice! A choice on how to look at this lockdown. I like to call it the ‘lockdown of hearts’. Families being together 24*7 which doesn’t happen anymore. We trying to manage without the help of any external helpers. Everyone at home pitching with hoursework. Being grateful for the meals on the table and the roof on top. Simple basics of happiness!

While I am taking one day at a time, I look at my son during this phase and sometimes feel ashamed being an adult. He is obvioulsy oblivious to the reality of any Covid-19 out there, but his freedom has also been curtailed because of it. And yet he inpsires me every single day, the way he goes about his life. Rey is 15 months old and yet seems so big and mature. Our kids are the real heroes during this time. And let’s take some time to appreciate them!

Here are a few lessons I am learning from Rey during these turbulent times –

  • Begin Your Day with a Smile: This guy wakes up every single day with a smile. A shy smile initially which transforms into a big grin gradually. If we are in the room when he wakes up, he will look at you and give that smile. If we aren’t in the room, he will call us and as we enter the room – boom – there is that dazzling smile. Sets the tone for not just his day but ours also as we inadvertently tend to smile along with him.
    Begin your day with a smile my friends! It costs nothing. A big wide smile 🙂
  • Tea Time is Fun Time: Rey loves tea time. Especially tea time of his thammi and dadu. My husband and me aren’t tea people. So it is upon the grandparents to bring that rejuvenation during tea time. The moment tea is served in the cups, he will follow his dadu to his bedroom where his dadu has his tea. He will play along for sometime there as if he knows tea time is break time and is supposed to be fun!
    Take those well deserved breaks. Make it a fun time just like Rey!
  • Happy with What We have: He loves books. We had a book library for him but due to lockdown we aren’t getting any new book stock. So we are stuck with 3 odd books. He will ask me to read the same book almost 5-6 times a day and yet be so rapt in his attention while doing so. No signs of boredom. His expressions during book reading sessions are priceless. No demands for new books. Content with his 3 books for now. Isn’t that amazing?
    While we would love to have and do more, let’s try to be content with what we have currently.
  • Family Time: He loves that all of us are at home. It’s a full house with his parents, grand parents, his aunt and our dog Bosky. While we were complaining initially on how to get two office set ups done for my husband and my sister in law, he was just happy having everyone at home. We were looking at the congestion while he was viewing it as a full house of people he loves. He is enjoying with everyone currently, spending some slots of the day with each and every one in the family.
    Make the most of this time together as a family, you will not get this time back.
  • Learning New Skills: He is picking up new things every single day. One day he roars like a tiger, the other day he lifts his leg like a flamingo, some days he sweeps the floor with us and then on other days combs his own hair. The list is endless.
    Now is the time to invest in learning. Use the time wisely. There are a plethora of courses available online. Some of which have reduced pricing too. Choose to invest in your personal development.
  • Celebrate your Victories, Big or Small: Rey loves to put things one on top of each other. He has this array of toys and household things which he tries to put on top of each other. Once he has done that successfully, he claps at himself celebrating his success.
    Celebrate your victories. One some days victories might look like getting done with the day and on other days it might look like a promotion at work. Never mind the magnitude of the success during this lockdown, celebrate it regardless.
  • Sleep Tight with Loved Ones: Rey’s cuddles are the best! As he sleeps he holds me tight and lets me know he loves me. It’s priceless. The warmth and the togetherness. It doesn’t matter how his day has gone, his nights are always spent in cuddles and hugs. Ends our day on the right note too.
    You might have had a tough day or you might have had the best day, sleep in the warmth of your loved ones.

My little man is teaching me how to cope up with this lockdown and treat it the right way. When he grows up, he won’t remember that we were in a lockdown or the fear of Covid. Instead what he will remember is his entire family was at home and it was nice having all of them around 24*7 for almost a month.

How would you like to remember this lockdown when you walk tomorrow the memory lane?

My word for 2020

A little late to the party. But it’s better late than never. I actually struggled to choose my word for this year. I knew what I wanted to do but couldn’t fit it in one word.

Since 2015 I have been choosing a word for the new year, instead of having a bunch of resolutions which might just fade away as the year passes. The whole idea of choosing a word instead of some 10 new year resolutions is being true to yourself and sticking to this one singular goal. This one word represents who you want to be and how you want to live.

It was ‘Gratitude’ in 2015, Forgiveness in 2016, ‘Mindfulness’ in 2017 and ‘Strength in 2018′. And 2019 it was ‘Love’.

This year I wanted to choose a word to work on my control issues. To stop fretting about the tiniest things and let go. To let life lead me and be content the way it is shaping up. Stop spending hours and hours in perfecting every single thing I do. I just couldn’t help pick that perfect word until I had this conversation with a friend and she said, “You know what? Your word for 2020 should be surrender!” Bingo! There it was!

So my word for 2020 is surrender. Do my bit and then just give it all up. Surrender the need to be in control of every single detail and thing. Birth my courses, publish my work, do my art and then surrender the results to the Almighty. Not get stuck in the how many participants, how many likes or how many comments cycle. Keep my game up and get better at it each coming day, surrendering the rest.

My son Rey has taught me a lot the past one year. And letting go of control is definitely one of it. I am trying slowly to loosen the grip and be free. Let him direct me to a new me, a better me, a patient me, a more encompassing me.

I also started 2020 with reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. It opened my eyes like never before. She explains perfectionism in new light and that takes pressure off my shoulders. Here is what she says,

“I think perfectionism is just fear in fancy shoes and a mink coat, pretending to be elegant when actually it’s just terrified. Because underneath that shiny veneer, perfectionism is nothing more that a deep existential angst the says, again and again, ‘I am not good enough and I will never be good enough.”

Isn’t that so beautiful. It made my resolve to choose the word ‘surrender’ even stronger.

With that I am surrendering this blog to you, hoping you pick up a word for yourself too. And if you have, let me know in the comments 🙂


Of roads less traversed!

DSC_0196-01Of roads less traversed,
Of angels, healings and finding light,
Of rising above what others think of your work,
And following the guiding star.

Of lone and dark nights,
Of tears and grief struck days,
Of falling down and getting lost,
While getting up again.

Of moments filled with laughter,
Of smiles you helped spread,
Of joys and bliss,
And cherishing all of this again.

Of a life very few choose,
Of embracing your life purpose,
Of staying put on the path,
Even if no one else believes in your journey.

Of roads less traversed,
And following the guiding star!

2019 – A Year of Motherhood!

I have had a tradition of summing up my years since 2015. I opened my blog today to write about this year and realized this is my first blog of 2019. Not that I didn’t write this year, in fact I published two books. But blog has been a little neglected. Each of my years since 2015 have had a theme and this year it has to be being a mommy for sure.

We welcomed our little miracle towards the end of 2018 and our lives have not been the same ever since. I still remember the day when I went into labour and then had to go for an emergency C section. The doctors were going about like it was a normal day for them but for me, I was anxious and nervous and God in so much pain. Our little miracle entered and the first thing the doctor said was “He looks like his father”. The words ‘he’ and ‘father’ struck a cord instantly and as the doctor showed him to me, all I could see was his big expressive eyes like his father soaking in everything in the room. Since then he has been an observant baby keenly looking around him always.

Once he was born, I saw an entire new avatar of my husband Sujoy. Someone who never took anyone’s baby in his hands and who always has been nervous amidst kids, Sujoy was a completely different person with our baby Rey. He was the first one to hold him. He was the first one to swaddle him. He was the first one to change his diapers. It took me a week to get about doing things and till then he was there with Rey.

The initial months for me were a chaos. We have this sweet picture in our mind that the baby will arrive and will instantly know his/her mommy and things will be hunky dory since day one. In reality it doesn’t happen that way. The mommy and the baby have to take some effort to build that rhythm and bond. It takes a while. Your body is weak, your mind is noisy and the baby needs to be fed every now and then. You feel lost, you feel incapable sometimes and on other times you just feel like giving up everything and running away. And yet you stay, try to figure out your way and form that bond with the baby. I remember I used to cry the early days telling everyone at home that my baby isn’t soothed by me. I used to feel distraught and helpless. And today my husband calls Rey ‘Mumma’s boy because there are moments when he needs just me and no one else. I think I have come a long way on this journey of motherhood.

Though the world applauds the mother and the mother has the most important place in a child’s life as per everyone, I humbly disagree with this statement. Yes, the mother maybe does the most for the child. But she can only do so lovingly if she has a strong support system around her. And I have been the most lucky person in this respect I must admit. My both homes are filled with people who adore Rey and also try to see I get some free time. I thank God every single day for the love, me and my son get from each of these lovely souls who have made my postpartum journey if not completely easy atleast a little less difficult. Every relation is different as is every person. Rey behaves differently with his dadu, thammi, baba, pishi, nana, nani, maasi and Iru didi. Each of them have a different equation with him. The only thing which is common in all the relationships is love’.

2019 was about celebrating the firsts of everything. The first milestone, the first babble, the first smile, the first attempt at crawling, the first morsel of food and the list goes on. Even though every baby goes through this growth curve, when your baby achieves it…the feeling is different. From hearing his heartbeat in the ultrasound to feeling his heartbeat with my own hands as I hold him, sometimes all of this feels surreal.

It is the happy time now when the crying has almost ceased and Rey is playful most of the times. What has replaced the crying is giggling and some words here and there. Though now distracting him has become more difficult, so sometimes we have to give in and let him have his own way. I cannot imagine now what would terrible twos look like and I don’t want to be terrified by it already. Let’s take one day at a time. But I know one thing for sure, as an adult Rey is going to be a loving human being come what may. I don’t care how he fares in school or what he chooses as his career or whom he chooses as his life partner. I only care about the person he is evolving to become and make sure he grows to be a loving human being.

We did Goa trip in December. Our first long trip with Rey and it was wonderful. He loved every bit of the beach – the water, the sand and the time he spent with his baba. I would be lying if I said I enjoyed every bit of the trip too. No, there were moments when I thought about how this trip would have been different without Rey. Of moments watching the sunset holding hands with Sujoy, of carefree traveling without thinking about the baby’s food arrangements or feeding times, of sleeping the entire nights without any wakings…..and I think it is ok to miss the older times sometimes. Instead of going on a guilt trip for doing so, just acknowledging the present and making the most of it is what can be done. But amidst all these longings, Sujoy made sure I could enjoy the sunset all by myself while he took Rey to play in the water. And I had the best of me time soaking in all the glory of the sun, sand and the water. This is how your marriage evolves after a kid!


2019 has been a roller coaster ride and I am sure all mommies will agree to me when I say this! Our life changes forever and the things which we took for granted before become a luxury as you become a parent. While we are raising our babies and giving our every ounce to them, I just have a humble request to all the parents out there –

Don’t forget about yourself. Yes our babies need us but we need to take care of ourselves too. Losing our identity as we become parents is something which we will regret later. Our kids will grow and find their path, that day the nest will be empty and so will be our life and heart. Let’s pour all the love into our kids but first ensure we are filling our own cup with self love. Ask for help when needed and let’s not feel guilty while we receive the help. Let’s be us and help our kids be them in the run :)”

I have started work again part time and it feels good to get back to the grind. Though Rey will always be the priority, I am making sure he is not my only priority in life. As I balance him and work, I am teaching him to balance his life too. And while I say this, I am in no way disrespecting any mommy who has decided to be at home with her kids because I now understand what being a mommy is and that she knows what is best for her kid. I respect all mommies for the way they have chosen to raise their kids and give each of them space to be them 🙂

I am looking forward to 2020 and the stories it has to unfurl. I am curious to see how Rey grows into his second year. Also super excited for all the courses and workshops I am going to birth. A glimpse of it is here –


I wish all of you a happy new year and sending angel blessing to each one of you!

2018 – The Year of Miracles!

I started with the tradition of summing up my years from 2014, made it through 2015, 2016 and 2017. It’s my 5th year of this tradition and somehow it helps to ruminate over the year all over again 🙂

This year has been nothing but a twist of events which eventually turned out to be blessings in disguise. In the month of April we returned back to India, leaving behind our 5 years of expat stint in the US. It was sudden, it was hurried and yet coming back never felt wrong. Coming back home has been one of the best highlights of this year!

The Joys of Being Home!

Oh wow! Celebrating all occasions and festivals with family has been the most enjoyable times of our life this year. Especially Durga Pujo and Diwali. There was a new entrant in the family this year – my niece Ira! And the joys of being an aunt cannot be described in words. Ira is such a delight to be around and she just lightens all of us up! So yes, being ‘home’ has been one of the feelings I am cherishing the most!

Work Highs!

Work has been great this year! After completion of my Holistic Life Coach certification last year at the University of Wellness, life has taken a complete turn for the good. I am so glad to be doing this work and helping my clients be a better and higher version of themselves.

Early this year I launched my first live course – ‘Angel Card Reading with Pradnya’ and had 5 students in the first batch. It was my first experience at teaching and seeing my students doing so well today gives me immense sense of satisfaction.

I also took up the role as a Mentor at the University of Wellness and have been working closely with the students there. I also got an opportunity to be a guest speaker talking about angel card reading. I love every bit of time spent with the students here.

Another Coach and now a good friend Snehal Singh and me started a FB group this year called The Shakti Awakening. This group is created for global Indian women and we are trying our bit to empower every woman in there. We have different themes every month where Snehal and me share our coaching knowledge and skills to improve every day life of the members in the group. 2019 we are doing a *FREE* course ‘The Art of Extreme Self Care’ by Cheryl Richardson and both of us are beyond excited. If you are a global Indian woman you are more than welcome to join us here – https://www.facebook.com/groups/theshaktiawakening/

And now the best news. My co-authored book is launching early next year. It is called Coach Wisdom featuring 21 eminent coaches from all over the globe talking about their learnings as a coach. I wrote my chapter this year. This will be my first ever stint as a published author of a book and I can’t wait for it!

Of Meeting Friends Across the Globe

This year I met friends from across the globe. I met so many of my soul sisters! Some of them after 8 years or so. Each meeting was distinct and memorable. It was amazing catching up with these women who have a special place in my life today. Some friendships are beyond time and vicinity. Cheers to friendships which make life so much worthwhile!

And now for the biggest miracle of this year –

The Miracle!

Saving the best for the last! This year just after coming to India we realized God has blessed us with a miracle. It has taken a while for this miracle to come in our lives and we have been beyond thrilled to welcome the blessing. Being at home during this time has been the best thing ever! The pampering and the care unparalleled.

Hearing the first heart beat, seeing the first glimpse of ultrasounds, feeling the first movement has been beyond magical. How so much ever we try, Sujoy and me feel we will never be fully prepared to welcome this baby. That’s what happened a few days ago. Our baby boy is here and we seriously weren’t prepared to feel all the feels of him entering our lives with big expressive eyes looking at us with such curiosity! All melted in gratitude and filled with tears of joy.

You never imagine a tiny being can change your world upside down and teach you so much. As we are trying to work our way around tiny human being, we cannot thank God enough for all the blessings!

Can’t wait to see how 2019 unfolds with new role and opportunities!

How was your 2018?

My Word for the year 2019

Since 2015 I have been choosing a word for the new year, instead of having a bunch of resolutions which might just fade away as the year passes. The whole idea of choosing a word instead of some 10 new year resolutions is being true to yourself and sticking to this one singular goal. This one word represents who you want to be and how you want to live.

It was ‘Gratitude’ in 2015, Forgiveness in 2016, ‘Mindfulness’ in 2017 and ‘Strength in 2018′. We are at the end of 2018 and it’s time to select the word for next year. I have known this word for a while now, especially working with my clients this year. I feel this should be a word chosen by all of us to make our lives better!

My word for 2019 is ‘love’.

Well, some of you might have raised eyebrows or twiched your faces. Such a cliched word! I know. But let me explain it further to let the real meaning of this word sink in!

One of the books I read this year has been Wishes Fulfilled by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Wayne Dyer talks about a concept mentioning we have an element of God inside us. He says, “Inside of us is a place that is all-knowing, all mighty, which is a fragment of God. Nourishing, healing elements with in us. There is a spark in each one of us.” He calls this element as ‘God spark’ and further says this God element is basically ‘love’. Love is our natural habitat and whenever we move towards fear, there arises the problem!

Whoa! This concept was a little difficult to digest at the onset but as I read further and let the thought sink in, it started growing on me.

Well, it wasn’t just the book which inspired me to choose this word but my work with clients this year. More than 80% of my clients were struggling with fear, guilt and insecurity, so away from the concept of love. Every time a client got an anxiety attack, I asked her to breathe deeply. Let the nervous system calm down and then asked her to imagine herself to be in a love bubble. The love bubble evaporated all the fear inside her and let only love be present around. And this worked for so many clients. I ended up even recording a ‘love meditation’ bringing my clients back to the nature of ‘love’ instead of being caught in the net of fear. Such a simple concept and yet difficult to implement. Remember always, “Get back to love”.

It works. It really works.

I want to infuse this ‘love’ in everything I do this year. Yes fear will be there knocking at the door. But what will matter is acknowledging the fear and then going back to my state of ‘love’. Knowing the God spark inside me is made of love.

As Wayne Dyer puts it, I will be affirming every single day – ‘I am God. I am Love‘.

So yes, ‘love’ is my word for 2019. What is your word for 2019?

Why we need healers more than ever today and how you can bring light in your own way to this world!

If you asked me 3 years ago if I would be a lightworker in the future, I would have outrightly said no. However, life had a better plan for me and I am so glad my life took this turn and I am so content with the work I do today. Every angel card reading which brings hope to someone makes me happy, every coaching session which boosts someone’s confidence makes me feel elated, every student who further spreads his/her light through my teachings make me so proud of them, every word written by me which inspires someone gives me that inner satisfaction and every little step I take towards lighting up this world makes my heart filled with gratitude.

But when I started my work, there were a few doubts. I kept on thinking, there are so many who are doing this work right now. What will I be able to offer? Looking at all the coaches and lightworkers out there made me feel, “Does the world really need me when there are so many kick ass lightworkers out there“. But as I started exploring the different avenues of my work, I realized “Yes, every lightworker out there has a specific work assigned to him/her and yes each one of them is needed“. I realized my work was needed and those who were meant to be healed by me, came to me anyway. Why just this, actually we need more of these people and I couldn’t agree more with David W. Orr –

The plain fact is that the planet does not need more successful people. But it does desperately need more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every kind. It needs people who live well in their places. It needs people of moral courage willing to join the fight to make the world habitable and humane. And these qualities have little to do with success as we have defined it.”

We have too many people trying to run this world by infusing fear in all of us. Political rumours and drama, pharmaceutical and medical worlds cashing on our fear of death, media feeding us with all negative news. The world is so volatile today that we really need more of the healers and lightworkers. People who operate on love and not fear.

You may ask me, “How can I be a lightworker?” Or you may say that you don’t have enough funds to take the certifications I took to learn all the tools required to be a healer, coach or a lightworker. But you know what? You can be the light in your own way. And here is how –

  • Infuse joy in your everyday. So much so that when you smile at a stranger, it causes a ripple effect and the happiness spreads.
  • Love yourself and everyone else around you. Love is the answer to everything.
  • Tell your story. Our vulnerable stories heal masses. Forget masses even if one person is healed by your story, your job is done here. Speak about heart breaks, of darknesses, of guilt, of sorrow. And how did you come out of it? What helped you in the darkest of your times. Tell your story!
  • Help each other. Let’s grow together. Let’s progress together. Let’s look out for each other.
  • Give. Give. Give. Always remember, the more you give the more abundant you will feel. Even if it means donating 1 rupee today, do it.
  • Share your art and creativity. Write that blog, sing that song, make that painting, give that speech, dance on the stage. Just let that creativity ooze out of you.
  • And above all, always be in a gratitude mode for all the blessings in your life.

You don’t need a fancy degree or a certification to be a lightworker. What matters is your pure intention and then everything comes so easy to us.

Be the light and spread the light, one step at a time ❤

Battling the ‘I am not Good Enough’ Syndrome

Ever since school, I have been a shy girl mostly keeping to myself. And then there was the rest of the class. It felt I was never a part of my class. I looked around and I saw confident girls and boys doing their thing. Someone was an ace in academics, someone played football like a pro, someone was so damn beautiful and then there were some who were just plain notorious. But everyone was someone for me. When I looked at myself and tried searching my USP, I couldn’t find any. Some said I had a beautiful handwriting. But what to do with that? You can’t make friends with your handwriting. I was geeky but not amongst the top 3 students in class. I was thin as a drying sheet and by no means beautiful. I was neither popular nor I played any sport. The ‘I am not good enough’ syndrome hit me at a very early age and I kept to myself.

When school parties started happening in high school, I started feeling even more left out. The clothes people wore and the dance moves people did made me feel incomplete in many ways. It was like I was dressed for a house party and people were dressed for that crazy jazz night. Being a part of any group never came easy to me. Even today my school mates remember me as ‘noone’ or someone who didn’t matter. I don’t blame them, I never made an effort to show the real me to anyone.

School was done, I went on to college and again the same story. I was still trying to figure out my niche. Style never came easily to me and the way I dressed and spoke was not really cosmopolitan though I stayed in a city. I had a very popular girl as my best friend during my college days. It seemed she was torn between me and the invitations she got for get togethers. Yes, she was called but not me. She was a very good friend though and tried to include me as much as possible. But her efforts were in vain as I never ever identified with any of the others she hung out with.

Graduation and Post Graduation went by. I was the same – Looking at others thinking how wonderful they are and then looking at myself and remembering each and every imperfection inside me – too thin, can’t speak in public, not very fluent in English as the convent bunch, no style, not very comfortable showcasing my work, inferiority complex in almost everything.

Imagine 24-26 years of my life, repeating the same old mantra every single day to myself. What do you think my life looked like? I didn’t try anything new because I always felt I am not good enough. I didn’t loosen up and was always on guard, because that gave me a little ‘don’t mess with me’ look which kept people away. I never knew how to enjoy life because I thought I am not good enough.

The first change started when I started blogging 5 years ago. I have always been writing and creating poems. But only for me. I never shared it with anyone. But circumstances forced me to write and share my work. I received immense appreciation for my work. People resonated with my stories and took out time to tell me the same. I was in a  foreign land fighting the loneliness with my pen and I loved every bit of it. Writing gave me my outlet, my niche, the my thing! I slowly started growing and blossoming. Till date it has been a wonderful ride with my work being published in many platforms – The Times of India, Sakaal Times, The Elephant Journal, Pink Pangea, Women’s Web, Stylewhack just to name a few. Writing was my safe haven and I loved it!


The second change happened when one of the strangers in a park came up to me and said, “You have a very pure soul. A soul very few possess. Make the most out it”. And she was gone. All this while I was trying to find my niche, it was right inside me. It was like an eye opener. The pureness of my heart and soul, all the while. I kept on looking at everyone else and trying to see if I possess what they have and never realized what I exactly had as a niche.

The rest as they said is history. With certain mind blowing events in my life, today I have made these 2 niches my life purpose. I have come a long way healing myself from all the past trauma and the limiting beliefs. I love writing and I don’t think I am ever going to stop even if no one reads my work. And the purity of my soul which is seen in my coaching and teaching aspect of work.

When I look at my school mates today and see who they have become today, I know somewhere even they struggled with this syndrome. Very few of them really pursued or harnessed their niche.  Yes, I know I did not do much for 26 years of my life or maybe 30. But now when I am doing what I am doing, I feel all of it was worthwhile. It is all a journey and what matters is you find that right path for you sooner or later.

I get messages from my school mates today saying they are so proud of me doing what I do today. And a tiny bird chirps to me and says, “From nobody to somebody”! 

Yes, there are still people around me who are beautiful as hell or who paint like a dream or who are some kick ass orators. But now, I don’t let that intimidate me instead I have more appreciation for what they do. I also have worked so much on myself in the last 3 years that I have created a my kind of beautiful feeling for me. No one can ever make me feel less today.

If you are someone like the young me and are playing the same tape of ‘I am not good enough’ to yourself, remember you matter. You are loved. You are capable of doing it. You just need to start believing in yourself. Keep your hand on your heart and feel it beating for you day in day out. Your heart loves you because you are somebody to it. Why not listen to your heart and transform from nobody to somebody.

My word for 2018!

Since 2015 I have been choosing a word for the new year, instead of having a bunch of resolutions which might just fade away as the year passes. The whole idea of choosing a word instead of some 10 new year resolutions is being true to yourself and sticking to this one singular goal. This one word represents who you want to be and how you want to live.

It was ‘Gratitude’ in 2015, Forgiveness in 2016 and ‘Mindfulness’ in 2017 and it is time to select a word for the upcoming year. A word which I want to work upon all through the year. I have known what the word is going to be since a while now. I have just been trying to soak in what would it entail and how will I work around this word next year.

The word is Strength’.


During my last vacation I realized though I go to the gym and exercise, I still have a long way to go. During one of the hikes at Zion National Park, I could feel my weak legs and my drowning stamina. It was kind of an eye opener for me. A message that what I am doing for my physical fitness isn’t enough. It also kind of made me think if gym is the only answer. To build my physical strength, I want to explore exercise options and find that right balance of fun and sweating it out. So yes, physical strength is going to be one of the major areas to work on.

Next would be emotional strength. Emotional strength doesn’t mean I won’t cry or not feel the hurt. For me it will be more about honoring my feelings and coming out strong. Yes I will cry when I am sad and turn red when angry, but I won’t let these emotions weaken me from within. Instead I want to channelize my emotions into something good and constructive. It’s going to be difficult, but there is this small voice inside me saying I can do it! I do want to try it out.

The next is relationships. I want to build relationships through the strength of integrity. No more phony relationships for me. I want the base to be solid, the foundation to be strong. Over the past one year I have made so many soulful connections via the virtual world and I want to continue that trend. Having people around me who understand me. At the same time, I have let go all the drama and unwanted relationships which drained me. I want to continue and build relationships based on integrity.

And last but not the least – spiritual strength. No more hiding in the closet, shutting down my beliefs with the fear of what will the world think of my path and my work. I am done hiding and now I will be shining my light brighter. 2018 is going to mark the beginning of me finally breaking free from the shackles of society’s opinion about the work I do!

Strength is also a 11 numbered card in Tarot and 2018 is also a master number 11. I just feel so connected with both of these aspects! This is no coincidence for sure.


So yes, the word for 2018 is strength. Let’s see how I embrace this word and it’s true connotation for me in the coming year.

If you had to choose a word for 2018, what would it be?


2017 – The Year of Finding My Life Purpose

I started with the tradition of summing up my years from 2014, made it through 2015 and 2016 and now this is the fourth year I am trying this yet again. This exercise makes me go through the year and revisit all the good and the bad, focusing on the lessons learnt and excited about what is yet to come.

The year for us did not start on a very great note. We saw a massive door of opportunities being shut on us early on, something which we never expected. And then Sujoy had a nasty football injury which made him be out of the sports scene for almost 3 months. We brooded and cursed our fate and through that darkness, started my quest to look for my life purpose. If I have to mention one biggest thing that happened in 2017, then it will be me finding my life purpose! Hands down!

The Achievements
As life showed it’s bitter phases, I have been really blessed to see the light in all the darkness. This year somehow I was guided to the right teachers and courses which has helped me to realize my life purpose. Today, I am a certified Holistic Life Coach for women from the University of Wellness and I am very proud to see the phenomenal difference I have created in my clients’ lives. I have worked with clients who went through domestic violence, clients who wanted to create their own identity and clients who were so willing to come out of their scarce mentality. Life has been so fulfilling.

Today, I am a Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine certified Angel Intuitive and Angel Card Reader. I have guided so many souls with careers, relationships and life issues. It gives me immense gratitude when what I have learnt is getting used to better someone else’s life.

I went beyond my fears and did FB lives too. It was nerve wrecking and yet so exciting. All of this I could do because my people supported me and boosted me morally. Not just freinds and family but the tribe I have made through my FB page. They were there to cheer me up and stood tall behind me 🙂

I have been blessed truly in this aspect and I cannot thank the Almighty enough for ALL of this! I am truly humbled to be able to touch so many lives for the better.

Fell in Love with Colors Again
I was fortunate enough to get connected with Pooja, my childhood friend who also landed up in Chicago when we were there! I rekindled my love for colors and learnt some basic painting from her! She is a great artist and taught me so patiently. I have always had an artistic side to me, thanks to my father but somehow lost it over the years. I loved painting and we did some great work together. Painting is kind of like meditation for me, where I forget the rest of the world when I am so tuned into my work. Sitting for hours and creating art is indeed so rejuvenating. It does not matter if I am good at it or not, what matters is it gives me peace and happiness.

From Chicago to Boston
Our Chicago stay was short lived and we moved to Boston in June this year. We were excited because we were going to be close to family. Though I did not like the place at the beginning, the city actually grows on you. We roamed quite a bit during the summer and started falling in love with the city. Boston is the perfect mix of culture, food, beaches and hills. And some of the hiking trails are so beyond beautiful. I think every place we stay leaves a mark on us forever. Boston really made us feel at home for sure!

Pujo Fun
This was the first year in our entire US stay that we went pandal hopping and had such great fun during pujo. Bengalis and pujo fun cannot be separated. With Paula di and family around, we had so much merriment during pujo. We hogged on khichudi and witnessed some good cultural programs. Decking up and seeing different pujos brought back all the dating years memories back to me. Those were the days when Sujoy and me went to pandals and hogged on chinese and chops making sure no one sees us 😛

Pujo 2017

Oh! The Travels!
After witnessing snow for the first time in Chicago and being trapped at home for almost 6 months, when summer arrived we decided to spend each weekend outdoors exploring the nearby places. And we did exactly that! We saw many places in and around Chicago. Sujoy’s uncle, aunty and cousin visited us in Chicago and we roamed with them too. It was a different experience being a host and cooking those special meals for them.


When we came to Boston, it was summer and we went out every weekend exploring new cities and trails. My most loved places were a jazzy town called Newport,  seeing the fall colors in White Mountains and trailing along the Blue Hills reservation which is so near our place.


And towards the end we did the most awaited West Coast Trip and it was epic! It was one week packed with adventure, nature, man made cities and pure fun. We visited Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Vegas, Zion National Park, Los Angeles and Death Valley National Park. Each place was different and each had it’s own story to tell. It was a trip I did minus the social media and it was so enthralling. My best moments were trailing through Zion National Park, looking at the sunset at Grand Canyon, getting blind sighted at the lights on the Vegas strip and looking at the Santa Monica beach landscape covered with mountains! Bliss!

West Coast

The highlight of this trip was connecting with old friends. I had such a memorable time with all my friends. It was all worthwhile!

Being a Better Human Being Each Single Day
This has been the hardest and yet the most rewarding part of this year. Every single day waking up and trying to be a better human being than yesterday. Every single day waking up and letting go of the anger and judgement of yesterday. Every single day waking up and letting go of mistakes and forgiving myself and others. Every single day waking up and being thankful for all the blessings in my life. Every single day waking up and meditating. Every single day waking up and hitting the gym being better than yesterday. Every single day waking up and eating healthy. Every single day waking up and drawing boundaries. Every single day waking up and not letting anyone or anything have control over me. Every single day waking up to make the best of the day.


Every single day waking up and praying for everyone’s wellbeing!

2017 has been phenomenal for me! It has made me grow in ways I never imagined I could grow. They say 2017 is the number 1 year in the 9 year cycle, the seeds you sowed this year is just the beginning. If this year is the just the beginning, I cannot imagine what my next years will look like! And till then, what will remain constant is my quest to help, be a better person each single day and finally own my truth!

Can’t wait for 2018! Bring it on!

How was your 2017 and what were your greatest achievements?